History of Pushpa Lakshmi Wine

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One of the popular varieties of this popular sweetened white varietal is called Pushpa Laksha, and it too has an interesting history surrounding it. This sweetened varietal was first created in Kerala, back in the medieval days, by small village dwellers who’d grown large sugar cane plantations on their vast communal lands. Because of the abundance of these crops, villages were often short on food, and even when there was someone around to collect the villagers’ surplus, it was often left uneaten. However, one day a shepherd from the village decided to try and make his own liquor. He concocted a blend of several grapes and packaged it in new wooden barrels, and his friends and neighbors tried their best to discourage him from selling it in the market, warning that he’d ruin the quality if they didn’t sell it.

pushpa lakshmi wine

After a couple of months, the people did sell a bit but not nearly as much as he had anticipated. But when the king of Ayurveda came to inspect the newly bottled liquor, he discovered its healing properties and declared it to be the greatest discovery of his entire life. Thus, the vines were used to create a sweetened wine, which was fermented and distributed exclusively to the royal families of that era. Today, Pushpa Lakshmi is still popular throughout the regions of India where it is the primary variety of wine used for cooking purposes.

But although this type of sweetened wine may have lost some of its popularity since the creation of mass-produced soft drinks, it’s still worth a try when you’re out on a nice evening with family and friends. The flavor of this varietal is slightly different than the floral, citrusy taste of most Vintners, but it does have a mellow fruit flavor. And the fact that it’s been so long since you last tasted it makes it even more refreshing. So, if you’re looking for a pleasant summer wine that’s slightly sweet and easy to appreciate, give Pushpa Lakshmi wine a try!