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Pushpa Lakshmi Wines

Pushpa Lakshmi is one of the oldest and largest wineries of Ganges River in India. It has been trading in different varieties of local and international wines since around 1700. Pushpa Lakshmi wines are renowned for their unmatched quality and are even famous among connoisseurs. The variety of wines available through this company include Chai, Saag, Mandus and other Indian Made Foreign Liquors. These wines not only taste good but also enhance the value of your investment and serve as a wonderful gift to your dear.

Some of the popular wines of this company include Guduchi (Rooibos), Kulfi (Vitis vinifera), Shelgon (Zinziber officinalis), Chitrak (Plumbago zeylanica), Raktachandan (Pterocarpus santalinus) and Musta (Cyperus rotundus). All these varieties are derived from different vineyards across the region. The grapes grown here have rich complexion and flavors and are processed to perfection. The wine produced here is always free from any defects. The wine is even praised by eminent personalities in the field of medicine. Some of the famous wine manufacturers in this region include S.S. Brothers, Panch Mahal Wine, V.S. Distributors and many more.

If you want to buy the best wine from the best vineyard then pick up the phone and dial one of the numbers provided on the website of Pushpa. You will be given a list of options such as types of the grapes used for producing the wine, the year it was manufactured and the price. Once you decide to buy a bottle, you can make your purchase and be assured of great value for money. The online store also provides you with some information about the making and bottling process of the wine, the mandatory laws of the state in which you reside, and shipment requirements. You can also find out the available product line in the market, prices, brands and ordering information.


pushpa lakshmi wines address

A Look Into The History Of Pushpa Lakshmi Wines Address

Pushpa Lakshmi Wines Address is one of the best known brands in the State of Kerala. It is located near Munnar and was started by its founder M.K.S. The company is widely popular for its delicious and exotic wines that cater to the taste buds of tourists all over the world. This famous brand of wines is produced in limited quantities and is hence expensive. Therefore it is not a common commodity for the people of Kerala to drink this wine.

The Company has been manufacturing fine and superior wines for more than fifty years and so is fully aware of the quality and taste of each and every bottle that it produces. Therefore, what’s holding you back? Just order your favorite Pushpa Lakshmi Wine and enjoy the exquisite taste of Kerala’s most famous brand of wines, which is known to be the most preferable by the people of Kerala.

Some of the popular wines produced by the company are Chaweng, Bhajan, Kovalam, etc. Each of these is known for its distinctive taste and aroma. The grapes grown in the region are old and so the taste is different. This unique aspect has helped the company to excel in producing wines that have won several awards in national as well as international competitions, making the company one of the leading brands of wines in India today.


The Pushpa Lakshmi (red) wine is a delicious red blend with delicate white and rose colored ros├ęs made by the grape juice of the grape known as Pushpa Parvati from the state of Kerala in India. This wine is produced in Varanasi, India with the same old technology as the traditional Pushpa Chawri that was also called Pushpa Malpua. Both the Varanasi and the factory of Pushpa Chawri are located in the region of Limadolia in the state of Kerala in India. Although, this wine has been around for ages it is only now that the grape used for making this wine is of the new variety known as Pushpa Lakshmi.

pushpa lakshmi wine

This type of wine has a unique character that has made it so popular today. The name of the grape simply means Red; however it has a deeper color that is mostly found in the pinkish red color of the wine. In some regions in the bottle, the grapes are covered with a cream color Rosa butter. If you try to open the bottle, you will find that it smells like rosa butter with hints of toffee and chocolate. It is the rich deep flavor and the smooth texture that make this wine so amazing.

This varietal of wine is an excellent gift for someone you know or even for yourself. One thing to keep in mind if you are giving this as a gift is to get your recipient’s name the age of the person, preferably the year of birth. Another interesting thing about this wine is that even though there are many varieties of red wines available in the market it is mainly because of its rich color that makes it the number one choice. This is the reason as to why this varietal of wine has been referred to as a good wine of remembrance.


pushpa lakshmi wine address

A Pushpa Lakshmi Wine Address For Your Friends and Family

PUSHPA LAKSHMI is the latest in a long line of award winning wines for the Indian market, which promises to set new benchmarks in the annals of Indian wine making. As we move into the festive season, each Indian household will be visiting a number of places across the country, from where they can get authentic and delicious Indian food and drink. Many of these restaurants and eateries will have a special ‘Indian Christmas’ menu, which will enable your guests to indulge in scrumptious traditional fare like samosas, rotis, dogs, pickles, chutneys, curries, desserts etc – along with a lovely bottle of delicious VILF Zriyaf with a dash of ginger & lemon.

If you are looking for a unique and exclusive gift for the Indian friends and family, which say I love you from the bottom of my heart, then give them a splendid and exclusive gift in the form of a VILF Zriyaf that can be bought from any good Indian retailer or wine outlet. You can order this elegant wine online, as well as through mobile phones, retail stores, and even jewellery shops. The delivery of the Pushpa Lakshmi gift pack to your family’s doorstep makes it even more precious to the receiver. The moment you start receiving messages on your phone from your friends and relatives about how much your loved ones have missed you all these days, you too will feel how blessed you are.

Your friends and relations will also be impressed by the fact that you have taken such pains to choose only the best and most elegant wines. You will surely enjoy your stay in India knowing that your gift is as perfect as your tastes and preferences. Apart from wine, you can also gift your friends and relatives chocolate gifts or other sweets. The moment you start to plan out the gift list, you will realize just how many beautiful things there are to choose from.